Cardiff with a baby

I’ve recently had a lovely little baby (which I hope explains the lack of activity on the blog of late!). Of course, having a child is completely life changing anyway, but it’s also opened up a side of Cardiff I’ve never experienced before. So I thought I’d post a few activities I’ve taken part in which I would recommend to other new Mums and Mums-to-be in Cardiff.

Yoga for Pregnancy

I attended the Yoga for pregnancy class at Dave’s Gym, off Albany Road from the 16th week of my pregnancy until the week before I gave birth. The class is run by Danielle Nicholls, an experienced yoga teacher, and I would really recommend any pregnant ladies to attend this class, or one like it. We were taught exercises and breathing techniques to use during labour – which was extremely useful when the time came! It was also a fantastic way to relax and bond with your unborn baby and Danielle the instructor is so lovely.

Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga Loft, Dave’s Gym

12pm every Saturday. For more information see 

Mummy and Baby yoga

I enjoyed pregnancy yoga so much that I was keen to continue after baby arrived. Unfortunately Danielle doesn’t run a mummy and baby class, but I managed to find another run by Emma Thomas (Pure Yoga) at Canton Community Hall. The classes focus on both Mum and baby, with a section for Mum at the start – including post-natal exercises – and then a section for baby, using nursery rhymes and songs while carrying out activities to help strengthen their arms and legs ready for rolling over, sitting and so on. The classes are a bit pricey I thought (£32 for 4 sessions – I only did the four sessions because of the price and carried on doing the exercises at home) and there is also a waiting list, but it is something nice to do if you can.

Mummy and Baby yoga, Canton Community Hall, Cardiff

Tuesdays at 3pm. For more information see the Pure Yoga page on Facebook.

Pram Fit

Getting back in shape after having a baby isn’t the easiest thing to do but these classes are a fantastic motiviation. They are run as circuit training sessions in Bute Park – so its also a great way to get outdoors with baby. You’re encouraged to exercise alongside your pram, and even use the pram during some exercises, such as lunges – so no need to put baby in a creche while you work out. The classes begin and finish at the Summerhouse Cafe in Bute Park and the £3 charge includes a tea or coffee at the end of the session, so it’s a great way to get together with other Mums. The classes are actually quite hard so you do feel like you’ve had a great workout at the end of it.

Pram Fit, The Summerhouse, Bute Park.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. For more info go to

Pram Fit
Pram Fit

Monkey Music

Monkey Music classes are suitable for babies from 3 months until 4 years old and introduce young babies to music and instruments. The first time I attended the class I felt like I was in a CBeebies programme, as the class leader (think typical TV Presenter) sang and entertained the youngsters. My little one absolutely loves it and although the classes are quite pricey (about £90 per term – from September to December) it really is one of my favourite things for us to do together. I had tried singing to baby before, but being a new Mum I couldnt remember many nursery rhymes and accompanying actions, so it’s a really good refresher for Mums too. I sing all the time to baby now and he really loves it (despite my terrible singing voice!).

To find out more about Monkey Music, visit the website


Did you know that babies are born with the ability to hold their breath and swim underwater? It’s quite amazing to see. Waterbabies uses this ability to teach babies not only to swim and feel confident in the water, but how to stop themselves drowning – a huge emphasis of the class is teaching them to hold on to the side. The classes are fun, with parents in the pool teaching their child to swim and singing songs. It is by far the most expensive activity we do (About £140 for a term – September to December) however, we were given the lessons as a gift. We have already completed the first term, and had no hesitation in signing up for the next one. It’s a small price to pay for the safety aspect and the fun of each lesson too!

Image from Water Babies website
Image from Water Babies website


OK, this may sound little random, but the flat pack furniture store really is a fantastic place for families. The cafe has an excellent breastfeeding area, plenty of high chairs, and a children’s play area. If you are ordering an adult meal, children’s purees are free and if you become an Ikea family member (which costs nothing) you get free tea and coffee on weekday afternoons. We have whiled away many a rainy afternoon in Ikea! Of course, we always end up buying something, even if it’s just a set of tea lights, so there is a method to Ikea’s plans.

IKEA Wales
Ferry Road
CF11 0JR

There are plenty of other parent and baby classes I hear are good but I’m yet to try, such as Rhyme Time at Central Library and Sing and Sign, so do let me know if you’ve attended these and enjoyed them. And please comment below if there are any Mummy and baby activities you would recommend in Cardiff.


4 thoughts on “Cardiff with a baby

  1. Hannah January 15, 2012 / 10:16 pm

    Hi – I really enjoyed your blog post. Lots of helpful tips. I’ve been taking my little girl to the Funtime music/nursery rhyme group since she was around 5 months old (she going on two now). It’s fab – the mums enjoy it just as much as the babies! Here’s the link:

  2. Leanne Sarsam January 30, 2012 / 12:43 am

    Hi – great blog post. I’ve recently joined a baby yoga and massage class at the Yoga Studio (off City Road) on Tuesdays 11- 12.30 pm with Sofia Ansari. They are the highlight of our week, and my baby sleeps soundly for the rest of the day after attedning!

  3. liz fisher March 24, 2013 / 9:40 pm

    if you like monkey music which we do (got the t shirt and everything lol) try little notes its in boulders on newport rd it has a mum and baby group so a chance for a chat beforehand then a really lovely and different music session with a cello called bart

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