Love, Peace…..and Cupcakes


A few years ago, a cupcake would probably’ve meant a ‘fairy’ cake – little vanilla sponges, usually seen at children’s birthday parties. But thanks to (mostly American) TV shows – like Sex and the City – the word cupcakes now makes me think of giant sponges of varying flavours, topped with lashings of frosting and served anywhere from a baby shower to a business opening event.

I love cupcakes myself, I enjoy baking them, giving them as presents and of course eating them whenever possible! So when I was contacted through Twitter by Love Peace and Cupcake from Penarth, to see if I’d like a box to try, of course I said yes. Who wouldn’t?

When they arrived my first thought was how pretty they were (I actually squealed with excitement to see them sitting on my doorstep.) Let’s be honest, cupcake companies are now ten a penny (a Google search for ‘cupcakes Cardiff’ brought up 833,000 options.) But what seems to be Love Peace and Cupcakes’ selling point is the gorgeous intricate design.

The ones I tried were plain vanilla sponge with a buttercream frosting layer, which was then topped with a layer of royal icing. To be honest, two layers of icing is a little sweet for my tastes but the sponge was light and fluffy.

What I do like about Love Peace and Cupcake is their story. Owner Debra started by making two boxes of cupcakes for her children’s teachers and rapidly progressed to making cupcake towers for weddings.

If you’re looking to make a visual impact or you know someone with a very sweet tooth, then Love Peace and Cupcake may be what you are looking for.

(I was sent a box of six complimentary cupcakes by Love Peace and Cupcake before this review)



One thought on “Love, Peace…..and Cupcakes

  1. Susannah McWilliam March 7, 2012 / 10:33 am

    So glad you’ve blogged about Love Peace and Cupcakes. I’ve been ordering boxes as gifts for people since the company started and they are always absolutely stunning. I usually describe the person to Debra and she always comes up with designs to suit their personalities… a fantastic personal touch!

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