HD Brows @SalonNia

Eyebrows are ‘in’ at the moment, or so I’m told.

Years of plucking and waxing my eyebrows was starting to take its toll. And I wanted to try eyebrow threading (said to be less painful and last longer than waxing) But I didn’t fancy doing it in the middle of a shopping centre, which was the only place I’d seen it carried out.

So when I friend mentioned Salon Nia in Radyr I decided to give it a go.

The salon offers eyebrow threading from £8. But they are also a fully accredited HD Brows salon – a technique which uses waxing, threading, tinting and plucking to give your brows a fully defined and groomed appearance. I decided to go for the full HD treatment.

I am so impressed with how it turned out. The threading was not painful at all and my eyebrows look defined and groomed, without being over the top. £30 is a little steep for the treatment, however the beautician explained that I wouldn’t need the full HD brows service everytime and would just need threading every so often until I wanted them tinted again.

I’ve already had compliments on my eyebrows! Well impressed.


Salon Nia do not know I am writing this post and I paid in full for my HD Brows treatment


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