Dinner at @Chapel1877Bar


I went to Chapel 1877 on Churchill Way last night, a place I’ve wanted to try for some time. Located in an old Chapel (no surprise) on Churchill Way, it’s been really beautifully done out inside, keeping many of the old features while modernising the interior. It’s just lovely.

You can eat in either the bar or upstairs in the first floor restaurant. We had a seat upstairs but the a la carte menu wasn’t quite what we were looking for – luckily the staff were happy for us to order from the much more hearty fare on the bar menu.

I went for the chapel burger (with gruyere cheese, chips and homemade slaw – £10) which was delicious. Friends steaks and the fish and chips were also highly recommended.

We shared desserts and these were really good, the creme brûlée with cinnamon biscuits was lovely. We also went for the chocolate plate (£9) – mainly due to the inclusion of the awfully named ‘sexual chocolate shot’ which was a shot of what seemed to be cherry liqueur, chocolate and baileys. Terrible name, but yummy. Also on the plate was a faultless brownie and a chocolate and coffee mousse. Best dish of the evening.

I paid in full for my food and drinks and the Chapel was not aware I was writing this blog




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