Funky Little Chickens, children’s hairdressers


My two-year old son hates having his hair cut. Really detests it. At times we’ve managed to bribe him with sweets, his dummy or even watching films on an iPad. But it’s never been a pleasant experience.

The last time he visited the barbers he wouldn’t even sit in the chair and had an almighty tantrum.

We needed help!

My husband and I were discussing how to get around the problem when I happened to see Funky Little Chickens on Twitter.

A children’s hairdresser, clothes shop and play area, it’s located in a business park on Lamby Way in Rumney.

They use plenty of distractions to ensure children enjoy having their haircut, from car-shaped hairdresser chairs, DVDs and lots of treats. It looked like it would be a good option for our cars-mad toddler.

After a brief Twitter conversation, where they assured me it’s common for toddlers to hate having their haircut and they were sure they could help – we were booked in for the next Saturday.

It was a fantastic experience. The girl cutting J’s hair was patient and understanding and he barely noticed he was having a haircut while he played in the car and watched Peppa Pig. When she started to cut around the back of his neck and he began to get a bit fractious, she was really reassuring and managed to distract him with stickers and toys so she could trim his hair safely.

And the haircut was a really good one, they did a fab job. We’ll definitely be back.

Haircut Cost £8

As usual, we paid in full for the haircut and Funky Little Chickens did not know I’d be writing a review.


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