Taking your toddler to the cinema in Cardiff

When’s the best time for your toddler’s first visit to the cinema?

It’s a question myself and friends with kids discussed at lot. Too early and you could risk wasting a lot of money as you and your toddler play in a cinema lobby, while your other half watches the latest princess/trains/animated rat adventure alone.

Luckily there are a couple of places in Cardiff that help make toddler’s first cinema trip an enjoyable experience, and won’t break the bank if it’s not for them.

Taking a toddler to the movies can be fun!
Taking a toddler to the movies can be fun!

For us, two and a half was a good age. We went to see Planes, as my son was a huge fan of Cars already. Our first trip was to Chapter Arts Centre, their Family Features at weekends are all packed with noisy children, so you don’t feel self conscious when yours shouts, “I need a poo!’ at a particularly quiet scene – yes we’ve all been there. Chapter is a lovely homely feeling cinema too – not as large and imposing as the multi-screens so probably not as intimidating for those that don’t like the dark or loud noises.

Chapter is a great venue anyway, filled with families at weekends, they also do cafe-style meals and brunch and have a bar – useful if the cinema was a particularly stressful experience for you! Keep your eyes on Chapter’s Family Features section for upcoming showings.

Chapter’s Family Features run at 11am and 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Advance tickets are £4 for adults and £3 for children. For more details visit www.chapter.org.

Another good cinema option is Cineworld in Cardiff city centre. Much cheaper, at only £1.50 per ticket (for both adults and children), their Movies for Juniors run at around 10am on Sundays and in school holidays. Their website is difficult to navigate so click here to see the Movies for Juniors section. Again, the screenings are full of kids, making lots of noise, but it doesn’t seem to ruin the film for the youngsters, in fact it makes it a much friendlier experience. And they sell coffee if, like me, 10am on a Sunday is too early for Postman Pat the Movie……

Cineworld’s Movies for Juniors run at various times and cost £1.50 a ticket. For more information visit www.cineworld.co.uk/whatson/category/junior

I have paid in full each time we’ve taken our toddler to the cinema and neither Chapter or Cineworld knew I’d be blogging about them.


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