Valentines Day – getting romantic in Cardiff

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve been thinking about the most romantic spots in Cardiff.

Whether it’s a hand-in-hand stroll around the Bay at sunset, a champagne picnic in the grounds of Cardiff Castle or curling up by the log fire at The Maltsters in Llandaff, there are plenty of places to get amorous.

If you’re looking for ideas this Valentine’s Day, I’ve asked some of Cardiff’s best bloggers for inspiration.

Cardiff Heart picture from
Cardiff Heart picture from

Cathryn, author of,

“One of my favourite romantic spots in Cardiff is half way up Caerphilly Mountain, looking down across the whole of Cardiff. We got married at the New House Hotel, on the mountain, almost eight years ago, and prior to that, we’d had a few big walks around the area and I always loved the view across the whole of our city as we sat and ate our picnics. We parked up in the New House car park when I was in labour with my first baby (nothing had been happening for hours and hours) and sat looking out, drinking hot chocolate and getting excited about our future. We’ve taken our children there to watch the fireworks too as you can see them going off all over Cardiff without the noise of the bangs, which scares my children. It’s such a beautiful view that always leaves me in awe and it’s a really special place to us. It always reminds me how lucky I am.”

Jaye, from Cardiff in a Teacup blog,

“My most romantic spot in Cardiff would have to be Roath Park lake. In the summer it’s the perfect place to enjoy a picnic before walking around the lake with an ice cream and then renting out a boat. It’s just as lovely to visit in the colder months on a crisp morning wrapped up warm with a huge thermos of tea.”

Jane, from Hungry City Hippy,

“For me, either roath park lake for a romantic stroll and row boat on a sunny day, or Cafe Citta for an intimate, authentic Italian meal. Or both if you’re making a day of it!”

Where do you think is the most romantic spot in Cardiff?

If you like the Cardiff Heart hanging in my living room, visit I Loves the Diff to see more.


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day – getting romantic in Cardiff

  1. Renato Pequito February 8, 2015 / 1:01 pm

    Just spotted the heart on your post. Glad you like it! 🙂

    I’m the fella who illustrated it.

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