Lunch at Penylan Pantry

I visited the Penylan Pantry this week with my friend Niki and had what may be one of the best salads of my life; their seasonal salad bowl (couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, seeds, edible flowers, red cabbage and olives) with smoked salmon and avocado. Not a lettuce leaf in sight! 

It was also washed down by a deliciously strong Americano from the Welsh Coffee co. Two salads and coffees cost around £20. 

This was only my second visit to the Penylan Pantry, last time I had the stunning fish platter with the most amazing mackerel pâté, cured salmon, capers and more. It’s such a sweet neighbourhood cafe with some delicious deli treats from local providers for sale too. The staff are also lovely. Go there!  

Penylan Pantry, 72 Kimberley Road, Penylan, Cardiff.

Penylan Pantry on Facebook.

I paid in full for my food at Penylan Pantry and they did not know I’d be blogging about them.


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