Great Scott! Outdoor cinema at Cardiff Castle

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll probably know that I’m a huge fan of outdoor cinema. There’s something magical about watching one of your favourite movies as the sun sets, surrounded by other people who also love the film – and laugh, cheer and cry in the right places.


Back to the Future is one of my all-time top films. My first crush was Michael J Fox (that opening scene when he blows the guitar speaker, while wearing reflective aviator shades?! Lush) and during the 80s my sisters and I probably wore out our taped-off-the-TV version, watching it at least once a month – in an ongoing rotation with Grease, The Goonies and Annie. 

When I heard that Luna Cinema would be showing Back the the Future at Cardiff Castle I was so excited to go. The date also coincided with my Mother-in-Law’s birthday, so as long as the weather was on our side, we knew we were in for a fun family night out. 

I’ve been to other outdoor evening events at Cardiff Castle so I also knew the setting would be really special; watching the sun set behind The Keep while the city buzzes outside the castle walls is lovely. 

  We weren’t disappointed. The huge screen and sound system was great so there was no problem seeing the film, despite the hundreds of people there. Food was on offer from some of Cardiff’s favourite street food vendors, including Dusty Knuckle pizza, but we took our own picnic, as well camping chairs and blankets. We were lucky with the weather though, and the fact that the castle grounds are fairly sheltered meant we didn’t even need the blankets.

  I saw some criticism on social media about the cost of the event – £12 a ticket to see a film that is regularly repeated on TV – but this event is as much about the atmosphere as it is the film and I think it was worth the money.


Luna cinema won’t be back at Cardiff Castle until next summer, but it’s worth keeping an eye on their website for next year. Cardiff Castle is also planning more cinema events in the near future, for Halloween. There’s more information on their website. 

We paid in full for our tickets to see Back to the Future and neither Luna Cinema or Cardiff Castle knew I’d be blogging about them. 


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