Carry on Screaming at Chapter

Looking after a newborn baby can be exhausting. Life revolves around feeding, burping and nappy changes. Oh, and those gorgeous newborn cuddles with them asleep on your chest…..? The best thing ever.

But you basically have no time for yourself.   I mean, showering is a luxury. Which is why I love the idea of the Carry on Screaming cinema showings at Chapter arts centre in Canton, Cardiff. 

The screenings take place every Friday at 11am and allow parents and carers to take a baby (age up to a year) in to the film with them. It costs just £4.50 per adult (you don’t pay for the baby, this is for you, not them!)

I love going to the cinema, but it’s not really an option when you’re feeding a newborn, what with the three hourly feeds at all time of day (and night!) So I took the opportunity to go and see the latest Bond film at Carry on Screaming a few weeks ago. 

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The screenings are subtitled, so if the babies are crying, you don’t miss anything.  Luckily for me, my little one slept through the entire thing in her sling, but the subtitles definitely helped when other babies were more ‘vocal’.

The rules are that you need a baby under the age of one with you to see the film. Also attending the screening was a mix of mums on their own, couples with a baby and a few mums, grandparents and baby, but it was quiet with plenty of seats free. 

It was a great way to do something for yourself, in amongst all that caring for a little person. 

As a side note, when our eldest was old enough to go the cinema himself, to see a children’s film, Chapter was the first cinema we visited. You can read more about taking toddlers to the cinema here 

I paid in full for my trip to see Spectre at Carry on Screaming and Chapter did not know I’d be blogging about them. 


One thought on “Carry on Screaming at Chapter

  1. yummyblogger March 11, 2016 / 9:39 am

    That is so handy to know… I have a second baby on the way, first time round I wondered if there was anything like this in Cardiff, I will defo have to try it out! Xx

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