Lunch at The Fig Tree, Penarth

Baby F and I went for lunch with my Dad yesterday. He’s retired so we’ve been using my maternity leave to try new places for lunch. Today we ventured over to Penarth to The Fig Tree. It’s right on the front in the old beach shelter and has great views on a clear day. Despite the gloomy skies in this picture it was quite clear and we could see right across the channel from our table.

I had fish and chips from the set menu (two courses for £11.50) which might not sound that exciting, but fish and chips are so easy to get wrong, don’t you think? Luckily the batter was light, fish perfectly cooked and the chunky chips were fluffy and delicious. 

I also had a yummy fruit crumble for dessert, which I ate too quickly for a picture. You’ll just have to imagine it.

The place seemed pretty child friendly, there was another table with a toddler, but there wasn’t a huge amount of room for the pram next to the table. Not long and baby F will be sitting up in a high chair!

We paid in full for our meals at The Fig Tree. 


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